2000+ ICONS

Full set worth $59!

Just use the icon shortcode with the chosen icon type.

Complete set


[icon type="Aa"]


[icon type="Add-File"]


[icon type="Add-User"]


[icon type="Add-Window"]


[icon type="Address-Book"]


[icon type="Administrator"]


[icon type="Air-Balloon"]


[icon type="Alarm"]


[icon type="Anchor"]


[icon type="Approved-Window"]


[icon type="Archery"]


[icon type="Archery-2"]


[icon type="Atom"]


[icon type="Baby"]


[icon type="Bank"]


[icon type="Bar-Chart"]


[icon type="Bear"]


[icon type="Beer-Glass"]


[icon type="Bicycle"]


[icon type="Big-Data"]


[icon type="Binocular"]


[icon type="Birthday-Cake"]


[icon type="Blackboard"]


[icon type="Board"]


[icon type="Box-Close"]


[icon type="Box-Open"]


[icon type="Box-Full"]


[icon type="Building"]


[icon type="Business-Man"]


[icon type="Calendar"]


[icon type="Camera"]


[icon type="Chef-Hat"]


[icon type="Chemical"]


[icon type="Code-Window"]


[icon type="Coffee"]


[icon type="Computer"]


[icon type="Conservation"]


[icon type="Cow"]


[icon type="Credit-Card"]


[icon type="Cube-Molecule"]


[icon type="Cursor-Move"]


[icon type="Dashboard"]


[icon type="Data-Backup"]


[icon type="Data-Center"]


[icon type="Diamond"]


[icon type="Diploma"]


[icon type="DNA"]


[icon type="Doctor"]


[icon type="Dollar-Sign"]


[icon type="Edit-Map"]


[icon type="Email"]


[icon type="Engineering"]


[icon type="Equalizer"]


[icon type="Fax"]


[icon type="Female"]


[icon type="File-Chart"]


[icon type="File-HTML"]


[icon type="File-Upload"]


[icon type="Film-Board"]


[icon type="Financial"]


[icon type="Flowerpot"]


[icon type="Fluorescent"]


[icon type="Fog-Day"]


[icon type="Font-Window"]


[icon type="Footprint"]


[icon type="Fox"]


[icon type="Full-Basket"]


[icon type="Gear"]


[icon type="Gift-Box"]


[icon type="Globe"]


[icon type="Green-Energy"]


[icon type="Guitar"]


[icon type="Hamburger"]


[icon type="Hand-Touch"]


[icon type="Handshake"]


[icon type="Idea"]


[icon type="Inbox-Into"]


[icon type="Info-Window"]


[icon type="Key"]


[icon type="Keyboard"]


[icon type="Laptop"]

… and many more